Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The tattooed Mommy

So I found myself in the chair once again. Wincing as Cheyenne inked a beautiful but dead geisha girl into my upper left arm.

He stopped, "You alright?"

Me (No!) "Oh sure, I'm fine. Keep it up!"

I love my tattoos. I love how they cover my arms with beautiful art. And yet I somehow forget that they're extremely painful until I get comfy in the chair and hear that wasp like buzz. Hell, I've had a kid and I still find tattoos more painful. But oh so worth it.

My artist is a local legend, Cheyenne Sawyer. A forward to the point of being blunt, no B.S. old school artist who knows he's skilled. The kind of artist you want, especially if you're looking for a custom piece. He hails from Oddball studios in Portland. Every artist at Oddball is a master of the machine. The studio is immaculate and the staff is friendly. Cheyenne books out months ahead of time but if you show him the respect he deserves he will quickly become your ally in ink. Is he expensive? Yep but if you want a good tattoo to show off for the rest of your life its worth every damn penny.

My name is Belovedlilith. I'm a mother to a beautiful baby boy and a wife to my awesome husband. Yes we have tattoos, no we are not trash. The measure of someones worth is not inked on their skin folks, so don't judge.

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  1. You're one tough cookie! I could never endure that voluntary pain. Thanks for following me!