Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who is Evil Cupcake?

Well for starters, he's not really evil. Just naughty.

I'm an artist inspired heavily be American comics and Japanese pop art. I love simple and sweet designs like Domo-kun and the Neko Burger series. I started brainstorming on a similar simple but cute design I could make my own. Then came along Evil Cupcake or Evee as I like to call him. Something that would evoke the childhood memories of love, pranks on friends, laughter and silliness.

So Evee was born with his black buttercream frosting, skull sprinkles and devilish smile. I will post a pic when I get off of bedrest.

I'm hoping to start an etsy or cafe press store featuring him and his sweet freinds in mischief. I want to make fashionable, affordable and adorable childrens and teen clothing. To make this dream a reality I am working to get sponsers, saving money and getting inspired by my sweet baby boy Kai.

So please be patient and look forward to Evil Cupcakes debut, comin soon folks!

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  1. face book = user = azureth

    twitter = @azurethi

    looking for "crystal coleman" from centennial high school, know you are! we were in art class, class of 99/2000. you used to draw dragons a lot, like me. ive been trying to track you down to see whats up.... my heart tells me you are still in gresham somewhere like me, are you? alive and kicking? was there ever a highschool reunion?